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With a wonderful view of the Atlantic Ocean, the studio offers a calming place to relax and paint or just shop and get away from it all for awhile!

Ocean View Art Studio is a decorative painting studio that is filled with one of a kind wood pieces and unfinished furniture, books, packets, a full line of Delta and Americana paints as well as JoSonja paints and loads of supplies.

A wonderful place to visit and shop for a special handpainted gift, painted by the studio owner. Many different pieces to choose from such as Nautical, Floral, Scenic, Christmas and much more. An always changing inventory, you'll never know what you will find!

Classes are offered for the beginner to the advanced student. If you thought you couldn't paint, just give it a try! It is easier than you think! All the supplies you need to get started are available at the studio. No need to go to those "Chain" stores, that are actually reducing there painting departments, just stop by and check out the samples for beginners!  

Also, there are beautiful photos available for sale taken of the Jersey Shore and nearby towns! Photos are mounted on cards and also framed.